Map the System @NEU Program 2021

Map the System is a global competition organized by the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford and in partnership with leading educational institutions worldwide. The competition is designed to change mindsets in social impact education – moving away from a focus too much on ‘Mass Entrepreneurship’ – to one that focuses on a deep understanding of complex issues, as a foundation for driving transformative change.

This year Map the System is organized for the first time in Vietnam by the cooperation between the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship and the Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the National Economics University (CSIE-NEU) and other partners. another unit on campus to successfully organize Map the System 2022, which promotes systems thinking and encourages a learning approach towards social change.

Map The System is honored to have the companionship of VID-Vienam Research Institute for Innovation and Development. During the school-level competition, Map The System successfully reached the final round thanks to the support of VID in terms of both expertise and sponsorship throughout the competition rounds.

📌 Benefits of attending Map the System

🎯Have the opportunity to represent Vietnam in a global competition held at Oxford University, UK.

️🎯Have the opportunity to receive prestigious awards and put research into practice

🎯Opportunity to research and learn about social issues and at the same time build models of development projects and solve community problems.

️🎯 Receive advice from leading experts and speakers in the field of incubation.

📌 Audience: PhD students, graduate students, undergraduate students at National Economics University and other universities can participate. In which at least 1 member must be a student or a student of the National Economics University.

📌 Contest format: Competition in the form of a team (2-5 people) or individual registration.