Final assessment report of YDC project for CSDS Vietnam 2022


CSDS has continuously implemented projects on capacity building for young people on sustainable development for many years. For 3 years (2019-2021), CSDS implemented a project on capacity building for youth self-help groups called Youth Driver for Change. The project has two main activities: strengthening the capacity of youth groups, to better understand and act for sustainable development goals, to increase the number of young people interested, as well as the number of youth groups. The second area is to integrate teaching for the community into universities.

At the end of 2021, the research team of VID Institute received the consulting package for the end-of-term evaluation of the above project, in which the team conducted research design, developed a questionnaire, conducted a survey of 150 young participants, in-depth interviews with individuals and groups of beneficiaries, conducted document analysis of the project, and evaluated the project according to the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability, while at the same time making recommendations for better project management as well as some development directions in the later stages of the project.