AVPN Moody’s Investment Readiness Enhancement Project 2021-2022

AVPN Moody’s Investment Readiness Enhancement Project 2021-2022

Singapore-headquartered Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) is the organizer of the Southeast Asia Business Growth and Capacity Building Program with funding from Moody’s Corporation from May 2021 to June 2022.

The Vietnam Research Institute for Innovation and Development is the Vietnamese strategic partner of the Project, which is responsible for:

  • Media support
  • Organize events to introduce the program to interested businesses
  • Attracting and selecting from 40-50 Vietnamese social impact enterprises (can be businesses, non-profit organizations) to participate in the program with 60 businesses from other countries in the South East Asia region.
  • Design training programs and be responsible for coordinating activities directly related to the group of Vietnamese businesses.
  • The program consists of 4 main groups of events:
    • The webinar event group shares a new piece of knowledge shared by experts from AVPN and its network
    • SDG Connect Group event group is a place where businesses with the same interest in networking
    • The Coaching event group is dedicated to each market group, with training sessions on networking skills
    • Each market-specific event group discusses and practices the skills gained.

A webinar event with 100 businesses making an impact in Southeast Asia

A capacity building event dedicated to a group of Vietnamese businesses