ACSE project assessment report British Council- Project 1665 Ministry of Education and Training, 2021

Project 1665 – Project to support students to start a business by 2025 with the approval of the Prime Minister, implemented by the Ministry of Education and Training from 2017 to present. In November 2018, the British Council Vietnam signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education and Training, implementing through Project 1665 a cooperation program with the goal of promoting the integration of social and social entrepreneurship spirit in educational institutions, with a focus on universities in the three-year period 2018 – 2021.

The cooperation program has the following five objectives:

1) Promote social creativity and social entrepreneurship in universities through knowledge increasing and capacity building activities for staff, lecturers, pupils and students in schools.

2) Building capacity through knowledge and skills training on social creativity, social entrepreneurship, community leadership for 200 lecturers and teachers, and at the same time supporting the successful integration of this content into educational institutions.

3) Raise awareness about entrepreneurship in social enterprises for students of colleges and universities;

4) Equip innovative and effective skills and training methods in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship for lecturers and students.

5) Build and maintain a network of educators and researchers on social creativity and social entrepreneurship in Vietnam.

The research report was made with the following content components:

  • Evaluate the results achieved and the impact of the program
  • Provide suggestions on future cooperation directions, including the basis for the development of the project and recommendations for action for the period 2021-2024. The report’s recommendations include five short-term recommendations and four sets of recommendations, and 20 specific recommendations for specific cooperation in the medium and long-term to enhance social innovation in universities of Viet Nam.

The report was made in 2022, in both English and Vietnamese versions, by order of the British Council Vietnam