Vietnam Social Innovator Sunny Project2021

Project Vietnam Social Innovator Sunny 2021

Our society today still has many problems that need to be solved in all aspects such as health, education, employment, environment, etc. Young people are a very important part of society, they play an essential and prominent role in the development process of society, creating positive impacts for the community.

Aware of this, The Happiness Foundation – a non-profit fund belonging to SK Group, Korea with a long history, rich experience and goals for the community – created the program “Vietnam Social Innovator Sunny – The Change We Make”. The program is a partnership between The Happiness Foundation, the Vietnamese Student Association in Korea (VSAK) and VID – Vietnam Research Institute for Innovation and Development in order to find young people who have the desire to contribute and overcome problems in Vietnam. Students in Vietnam will form teams with Korean international students to develop and practice solutions.

  1. Candidate requirements:

– Students living and studying in Vietnam (undergraduate and graduate)

– Have a desire to learn and solve social problems in Vietnam

– Commitment to fully participate in training courses in the project

  1. Main activities:

– Implement ideas on solutions and business models to solve social problems

– Participate in training sessions with mentors, Online events with speakers who are experts from Social Enterprises

– Take a course on design thinking

– Exchange and connect with international students in Korea

  1. Benefits of joining:

– Certificate from The Happiness Foundation of SK Group

– Expenses for the operation and implementation of the idea (including travel expenses)

– Participate in training courses with Vietnamese and Korean experts on fostering social change talents for young people

– Award for the team with the excellent solution

  1. Timeline:

– Paper round: October 4, 2021 – October 14, 2021

– Interview round: October 17, 2021

– Announcement of admission: October 20, 2021

– Operating time: 11/2021 – 01/2022

Partner: The Happiness Foundation