Vietnam Social Challenger Sunny Project 2022




Vietnam Social Innovator Sunny – The Change We Make is a social entrepreneurship accelerator program for Vietnamese students, organized by the non-profit foundation The Happiness Foundation – Sunny Vietnam and VID – Vietnam Research Institute for Innovation & Development. With the mission of finding students who have the desire to contribute and solve social problems in Vietnam, the Vietnam Social Innovator Sunny – The Change We Make program is always highly appreciated by the professional council, is proud to be an extremely solid stepping stone to motivate Vietnamese youth to take action to create positive values ​​for the community.

Following the success of previous incubation seasons, Vietnam Social Innovator Sunny – The Change We Make has OFFICIALLY BACK with a new version “VIETNAM SOCIAL CHALLENGER SUNNY 2022 – THE CHANGE WE MAKE” to once again join forces with young people affirm a different position in the field of social creativity, promising to bring an explosive and creative playground for enthusiastic and passionate youth.


  • Student groups belonging to universities and colleges have the desire to solve outstanding social problems through business tools, or social projects.
  • The number of members is from 3 to 5 people.
  • Never won prizes in national or international competitions;
  • The project has not been registered as an enterprise, the project has been operating for less than 1 year.
  • Registered groups must be able to participate in training activities in Hanoi.


Paper Round: 


Receive applications and conduct interviews.

Select 7 projects into the accelerator program

State 1:

Idea Creation


Project teams participate in the opening event, build team spirit, meet with mentors

Receive training in identifying social problems; develop an overview of social projects; choice of legal model

Stage 2: Initializing the business model 

(06/2022 – 08/2022)

Project groups go to practice social enterprises

Get training in creative thinking, design thinking, market research, and prototyping.

Presentation groups for the 1st round of fundraising

● Top 5 rated teams will receive up to 20 million VND/team.

● The remaining 2 teams will receive up to 10 million VND/team

Stage 3: Creating Structure

(06/2022 – 08/2022)

Teams receive training in marketing strategy development, communication for social projects, financial planning and measuring social impact.

Presentation groups for the 2nd round of fundraising

● The 3 highest rated teams will receive a primer of 20-30 million VND/team.

PITCH DAY (23/10/2022)The groups presented their social project ideas to find the Vietnam Social Challenger Sunny – The Change We Make 2022 Winner.

● 1 highest rated team will receive a seed fund of up to 40 million VND/team.



The Vietnam Social Challenger Sunny – The Change We Make 2022 program will bring start-up groups:

  • Privilege to participate in a 6-month course on accelerating social entrepreneurship. Opportunity to be mentored and accompanied by mentors throughout the program.
  • Experience building in-depth social projects, connecting with experts and entrepreneurs in different fields.
  • The opportunity to receive up to 3 times the capital through 3 times of evaluation between the program and the bonus for the excellent team at the end of the program with the highest total support up to 80 million VND.
  • Opportunity to receive support starting after the program.
  • Receive international certificates of Sunny and VID. Become a member of Sunny Family, VID Alumni and have the opportunity to participate in Sunny’s global programs.


Vietnam Social Challenger Sunny – The Change We Make 2022


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