ImpactUP Ambassador Program 2021

ImpactUP Ambassador 2021

Ambassadors are young faces representing ImpactUp’s image and spreading the mission for society. In there:

Ambassadors (Ambassador) are young people from 16 to under 22 years old:

  • Member of social projects, communities, clubs
  • Internship in social enterprises, NGOs
  • Participating in student and student startup projects
  • Participated in contests about Social Entrepreneurship, Business Cases?
  • The project is also looking for Associates to become the “fire injectors” for the young generation for an innovative and creative Vietnam.

Ambassadors were recruited into the program and participated in the following activities:

  • As a media representative for impactup
  • Implement media campaigns for impactup
  • Attract interested people for impactup’s fanpage

25 young people from all over Vietnam were selected to participate in the program. Including high school students and university students. After 2 months of being Impactup’s ambassadors, the 3 best young people were honored, and they were also the first students on the platform.