Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge @NEU Program 2022

⭐ The Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge is a global competition organized by the University of San Diego and the University of St. Thomas since 2011. The contest was established with the aim of creating a networking environment and building solutions. Sustainable business to solve problems in society. Up to now, this competition has had the annual participation of nearly 60 universities from more than 25 countries around the world. The contest is co-organized in the Vietnam region by the Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation at NEU CSIE National Economics University with the support of Saint Petersburg & San Diego partner universities, but for the contest to be a success. come today not only CSIE but also partner VID – Research Institute for Innovation and Development sponsored professionally and comprehensively throughout Vietnam regional competitions.

⭐ Why should you join The Fowler GSIC@NEU 2022?

️🎯 Become the representative of Vietnam to participate in the global contest held in the United States.

️🎯 Compete with students from 60 universities in over 25 other countries for social entrepreneurship ideas.

️🎯 Get a chance to win prizes up to $50,000 and put your business model into action.

⭐ Come to The Fowler GSIC@NEU 2022, what will you get?

️🎯 Opportunity to research and learn about social issues based on 17 SDGs – 17 sustainable development goals, and at the same time build models of development projects and solve community problems.

️🎯  Trained in professional knowledge according to The Fowler’s global standards.

️🎯 Receive advice from leading experts, speakers in the field and international advisors when becoming TOP 2 representative teams participating in the global round.

⭐ Who is The Fowler GSIC@NEU 2022 for?

📌 Candidate:

Student, Master, PhD, PhD student of National Economics University (as of December of the academic year 2021-2022).

Students and PhD students studying at other universities.

📌 Competition format: Competition in the form of teams (2-5 people).

📌 Member Note:

One group has at least one member from the National Economics University.

The remaining members of the group may be students of other universities.